Safe Business Trips: Decision Criteria

Deciding for or against a business trip is influenced by numerous factors - even in "normal" times. But during a pandemic, employers and employees alike face exceptional challenges. The following information is intended to provide guidance on the most important questions and thus support the decision on business trips. The contents were compiled in cooperation with the renowned law firm ebl factum in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

Answering the following questions can serve as a basis for deciding for or against a business trip in individual cases, taking into account both the employer's and the employee's perspective.

Risk Group

  • Who is traveling?
  • Does the employee belong to one of the known Covid 19 risk groups?


  • Has the employee been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 or recovered from it?
  • Does the employee have a valid negative Corona test result?

Hygiene and Safety

  • Has the employee been provided with the necessary hygiene products by his/her employer (e.g. disinfectant, mouth-nose protection, etc.)?
  • What safety and hygiene measures are in place throughout the entire delegate journey?

Risk Area

  • What is the destination of the business trip (domestic/foreign)?
  • Does the city or region in question currently count as a Corona risk area according to official assessment?
  • Is there a current travel warning from official bodies/government authorities?


  • Which means of transport can the employee use for the business trip?
  • If there are alternative means of transport for the same route, which appears to be the most suitable for the specific case from a safety and hygiene point of view?


  • Who is being visited: Which company or event location? Are there appropriate hygiene and safety concepts in place?
  • Where will an overnight stay take place, if applicable? Are there appropriate hygiene and safety concepts in place?
  • Are there any (current) Corona infections known in the company/venue/hotel visited?
  • Is there a testing center nearby where antigen or PCR testing can be performed if needed?

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