IAA Mobility 2021

New global platform for mobility

The first IAA MOBILITY in Munich is a resounding success. The organizers, visitors and exhibitors are very satisfied with the new concept. Under the name of IAA MOBILITY, the first platform for the mobility of the future has brought together the most varied modes of transport – from cars and bicycles to digital solutions and urban air mobility.

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In total, 744 exhibitors and 936 speakers from 32 countries took part at the IAA MOBILITY, presenting and discussing their innovations and visions for the climate-neutral mobility of the future.

“We took a courageous step and were rewarded by the visitors,” said Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), which organized the first IAA MOBILITY this year jointly with Messe München. “400,000 participants in only six days are a clear case of ‘voting with their feet.’ The visitors were evidently very interested in and delighted by the whole experience. The IAA MOBILITY is now the largest mobility event in the world. New electric cars, bicycles, e-scooters, energy policies and urban planning, digitization and more – here in Munich we presented and discussed what needs to be thought together in the future. At the IAA MOBILITY Conference, we also experienced lively discussions on the path to the new mobility. The exhibitors unveiled more than 100 premieres of their latest models and concepts, underscoring the fact that the transformation of mobility is being driven forward toward climate neutrality and digitization.”

“The new IAA MOBILITY is a strong signal to the world that international exhibitions in Germany are now possible again,” said Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München. “We can hold such major events safely; the safety and hygiene concept has worked outstandingly well. The exhibitors and visitors have kept to the rules and shown a lot of understanding.”

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At the premiere of the IAA MOBILITY 2021, the organizers have written trade show history by bringing the current topics of the mobility industry into the city center and thus making them available to a broad public. The city of Munich and the state of Bavaria have been committed to organizing this mobility show and can benefit from the experience gained here because trade fairs contribute indirectly to the economic strength of the region.

“The city of Munich has proven to be a wonderful host for the IAA MOBILITY and confirmed the potential of the location. The visitors in the city enjoyed the opportunities on a large scale and demonstrated a great understanding of the restrictions associated with a major event of this type. We are looking forward to the next IAA MOBILITY, which from now on will be an important economic factor in Munich,” Dittrich said.

Hildegard Müller added, “I wish to thank the city of Munich and its citizens, and the numerous visitors, who have generously welcomed the IAA MOBILITY. The stands were filled to full capacity and the streets were filled with people. In some places we had to limit access temporarily to avoid overcrowding. We found that people fully accepted the restrictions due to constructions and the crowded city center and wish to express our sincere thanks! I also wish to thank – alongside the city – the Free State of Bavaria, which has consistently supported the IAA MOBILITY. My special thanks also go to the security and rescue services as well as the police. With their commitment and responsible approach, they ensured that the event run safely. Now Munich and Bavaria are the new home of the world’s largest mobility event.”

“The IAA Mobility has proven that the safety and hygiene concept created by Messe München does an excellent job, even at a highly complex event,” Dittrich declared. It was based on a smart guidance system, consistent admittance checks (including the Open Space), good ventilation in the exhibition halls, social distancing, face masks and the requirement that visitors be vaccinated, recovered, or tested, whereby tests must have been carried out within the last 24 hours. All those involved accepted the rules, which made the trade show a safe experience.

“We are now evaluating the event and will further develop our strategy so that we can welcome an even broader spectrum of exhibitors at the next IAA MOBILITY, and to continue the dialog on the future of mobility. I am certain that in 2023, after the end of the pandemic, we will also be able to welcome a significant number of international exhibitors who could not attend this time because of the travel restrictions,” Hildegard Müller said.

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