Landgut Stober


Sabrina Spiecker

General conditions adjusted according to currently valid regulations of the country regarding COVID-19.

  • Each guest is asked for one of the 3-G proofs. Complete recording of all guests with phone no. & email for tracking, data will be deleted after 4 weeks. Mandatory use of the luca app.
  • Mandatory use of masks in indoor public areas. The minimum distance is maintained at all times. All employees are trained in the necessary hygiene guidelines. Rapid antigen tests are performed.
  • Door handles, handrails & frequently used surfaces such as tables, counters & public restrooms are disinfected multiple times daily. Disinfection dispensers are prominently displayed at all entrances throughout the facility along with rules of conduct.
  • Regular ventilation during breaks, alternatively: virtually virus-free meeting rooms due to HEPA 14 filters or exhaust air system with 100% fresh air supply & 6-fold air exchange rate. Individual disinfectants & conference beverages at each participant's seat. Spacing markers, directions are posted on the floor.
  • Spit guards at the reception desk. Room cards sanitized before each issue. Contactless payment. Limited number of people in elevator.
  • Ventilation during room cleaning & thorough disinfection. Option to waive room cleaning during stay.
  • Breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch as well as dinner served in separate areas or staggered.

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