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Meet and retreat in the State of Brandenburg – in a safe distance to Berlin
Many have done so for safety reasons, a desire for seclusion, and to be able to focus on the task to be able to make important decisions. For example, today’s estate “Landgut Stober” in the Havelland region was used for secret meetings held by the former resistance movement “Kreisau Circle” in 1942/43. Cecilienhof Palace provided ample room and security for the Allied Forces in Potsdam after WWII.

Today, the Federal Capital Potsdam offers large and modern conference hotels – aside from historic event locations in the heart of an exceptional Havel River landscape. Situated on the edge of the Oderbruch landscape, the Schloss Neuhardenberg was utilised by the former Schröder administration in the 21st century to decide on a range of welfare and labour reforms (“Agenda 2010“).

The Federal Government has been traditionally receiving their guests at Schloss Meseberg, an hour drive north of Berlin. Schloss Meseberg is reserved as a venue for official government receptions etc., however, the landlord of Schloss Meseberg offers meeting facilities in the historic building adjoining the palace, providing unobstructed views of the baroque palace.

Ultimately, the historically unique and authentic atmosphere coupled with expansive lakeside gardens and parks will help underscore the message your meeting aims to convey.

Many locations are exclusively available for rent. This ensures that the team can meet safely and privately. In many cases, the owner-led venues provide personal service, putting at the centre your participants of the meeting.

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