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Rainer König
Phone: +49 69 716-77215

Meetings and events support more than ten million jobs worldwide. To help get the live event industry, event planners, and our teams back to work and begin the road to recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting safely will undoubtedly be a priority. That’s why we developed MeetSAFE™.

Encore will be at the forefront in safe meeting practices related to the services provided by our industry leading brands. As shelter-in-place restrictions ease, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures will remain an essential part of making people comfortable with meeting.

Risk and health are two key considerations for businesses and associations. An anticipated phase one recovery for our industry likely represents smaller meeting sizes following evolving government guidelines. With fewer people meeting and a cleaning routine in place, the risk to attendees will be reduced.

The MeetSAFE™ concept at a glance (in German)

Video: MeetSAFE™

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